Newly Developed Ransomware Targets Industrial Critical Systems

April 20, 2017 / GuidesFor Team

Ransomware is quickly evolving to become more destructive than ever. Cybersecurity researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology names one form that was able to take over control of a simulated water treatment plant. After gaining access, the researchers were able to command programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to shut valves, increase the amount of chlorine added to water, and display false readings. With this newly developed ransomware, well built barriers need to be built against ransomware breaches which can focus their attacks on Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Viruses destroys devices, steal private information, and a lot more  but ransomware on ICS is a different story. Computer systems are the main target of the attacks against data, but these viruses are going beyond that. When ICS cyber security goes down, it does not only cause cyber damage, but can also put human safety at risk. It can shut down the infrastructure’s critical operational system and destroy physical operating machines. That’s just for starters. Read on for more. – Mayvilyn Aguilar

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