New Mac Ransomware/Spyware Unleashed

June 20, 2017 / GuidesFor Team

With the previous attack on Windows, cyber criminals are now focused on a new spyware/ransomware that can encrypt data from MAC users. 

The spyware made specifically for MAC’s system works by watching the target’s activity on the web while retrieving valuable information. On the other hand, a ransomware was formulated to fish data from its target and demands payment for decryption. 

Aamir Lakhani from Fortinet said Mac users should make sure their machines are kept up to date with the latest software patches; they should also be wary of messages they receive via email.

“Mac ransomware is definitely becoming bigger,” he told EWeek. “Although market share is still small, hackers know that there is valuable data on the Mac.”

-Mayvilyn Cabigao

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