Your Employees Need To Know These Cyber Security Measures Now!

June 20, 2017 / GuidesFor Team

For a company to maintain high powered cyber security, its employees must be able to detect whether the company’s system is under attack. No company is safe from data breach. 

Getting your employees involved with how security measures are implemented can be a big help in maintaining the safety of the company’s data. 

“Training and educating employees to remain secure is key,’ says Graham Hunter, VP of skills certifications EMEA at CompTIA. ‘If staff understand that accessing valuable and confidential information on an insecure server could lead to someone else taking it, or that a weak password may be easy to remember but also leaves them highly vulnerable, they are far less likely to fall prey to attacks” To make your employees an active part in enhancing your security measures, read on for more.- Mayvilyn Cabigao





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