Mamba Ransomware: The Comeback

August 31, 2017 / GuidesFor Team

The Mamba is back! After spending quiet time in the deep web, this not-so-common ransomware is now on its way to infest the networks of their target organisations. Mamba ransomware is known for encrypting an entire hard drive instead of single files. What makes this kind of ransomware even more alarming is that it isn’t made to collect bitcoins from its target but seeks  to cause severe destruction. When the Mamba successfully encrypts one’s data, there is virtually no way to decrypt the stolen informatIon.

A report by Kaspersky Lab in Threat Post warns,“Unfortunately there is no way to decrypt data that has been encrypted with the DiskCryptor utility, because this legitimate utility uses strong encryption algorithms” Forewarned, though, is still forearmed. Get to know more about this deadly ransomware to avoid becoming a victim. Read on for more. .- Mayvilyn Cabigao


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