Top 3 Smart Tools to Help you Fend Off Ransomware

September 11, 2018 / mcacao

Just last May, ransomware has once again made it to global news after infecting 99 countries in a massive attack.  This shows that there is no reason for us to keep our guards down especially in this period when attacks aer getting more advanced. As exposed by Kaspersky Lab, the hackers took the effort to release a “user manual” translated in 28 languages detailing their terms. Whether or not you have experienced an attack as severe as ransomware, it’s clear that this is the best time to maximize security systems.

A ransomware attack is typically delivered in a malicious email, enclosed in a file that works like a regular malware but  is ten times worse since its aim is to extort an absurd amount of money. E-commerce sites are one target of cybercriminals; however, there is also no restriction because any one on the internet can be a victim. It’s not a matter of who can pay or not but rather who will take the bait. You’ll know you’ve been hit when you start losing access to your files. Commonly, the attacks use encryption method so that it locks down your access to particular files and folders. Most ransomwares come with a message explaining the demands of the criminal.

Plenty of IT specialists including Hackread agree that there are only two options when you get hit by a ransomware; it’s either you pay the ransom, or get back on your feet quickly by restoring your system using your backup files. Paying the ransom is an option but you are highly discouraged to do so. First, there is no security in it. You will be dealing with criminals so there is no way you can trust their terms.  Second, you will be empowering the hackers with your money.

Matthew Sarrel from PC Mag explains, ”Protecting future victims may not be top-of-mind when you’re trying to run a business with its data held hostage, but just look at it from this perspective: that next victim could be you all over again, this time fighting even more effective malware that you helped pay to develop.”

To avoid falling prey to vicious cybercriminals, it’s only wise to perform measures that will guarantee your network’s security. Take note of the following tools you can use to fend off ransomware attacks:

  1. Security Awareness Training – A good way to start is through proper information dissemination. Make sure that you and your team understand the mechanisms involved in various cyber attacks. Since human error is still believed to be the weakest link in network security, do yourself a favor and reduce this risk by equipping your team with this top-notch training on cyber security. To make this training sound sweeter, KnowBe4 offers a Crypto-Ransom Guarantee that will cover for you in case you get attacked by a ransomware.  
  2. KnowBe4’s Ransom Simulator Tool – Another one that will let you gain insights on your security is through testing how vulnerable you are to attacks. This tool provided for free by KnowBe4 will quickly analyze your network protection through simulating infection scenarios. In a flash, you’ll be able to assess if you have the kind of protection that you need.  
  3. Backup – In the unfortunate event that ransomware penetrates your system despite all precautions, a backup will still be your strongest suite. Cloud storages can be your best bet but, while a number of cloud storage solutions have a  multi-layered security approach, you should also have an external backup that can store your data out of harm’s way..

Cyber criminals will not be stopped as long as they see potential victims. Don’t become a victim. Reinforce your security system now.

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