Ransomware: Booming since 2016 until Now

January 11, 2019 / GuidesFor Team

Since the rise of internet use, problems that go with it such us cyber crimes also increased. These are different ways to get money out of other people “illegally” and which are just increasing by the day. One of the common ways to get a quick buck is ransomware. This happens when cyber criminals hack into your system and get a hold of your important files, and make them inaccessible for you unless you pay them a certain amount. A The article entitled ” Easy to carry out, difficult to fight against: Why ransomware is booming in 2016″ was actually written back in 2016 but still makes a good read for today. Check it out here and you might get a thing or two on how to prevent ransomware. Read on. -Marie Soriano



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