Stop Ransomware with Microsoft’s Controlled Folder Access

January 11, 2019 / GuidesFor Team

According to SOPHOSLABS 2019 Threat Report, ransomware attacks on business are expected to increase in the year 2019. With digital transformations comes a lot of digital problems too such as cyber crimes. Apparently, as people shifted to using internet and computer more, the crimes have also shifted into the cyber world. Sad as it may seem, this is the reality of the new world that we live in. The cost of such is no joke. The company SamSam paid a $50,000 ransom per attack. And these attacks don’t happen just once; for some it happens multiple times in a year. That’s why security software providers keep improving their security features. Microsoft did just that with its new ransomware security software for Windows 10. Read on to know more. -Marie Soriano

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