Confluence Server and Data Center software users should be on high alert for GandCrab attackers

August 6, 2019 / GuidesFor Team

Last March 20, 2019,  Atlassian made an announcement stating that there were sets of critical vulnerabilities in their Confluence Server and Data Center software. Cybercriminals are exploiting this vulnerability by injecting servers with GandCrab ransomware. Ransomware was identified as one of the most significant threats of 2018 with attacks targeting high profile organizations, and these attacks are not showing any decline for this year 2019.  Ransomware works by preventing its users from having access to their system or data until a certain “ransom” or money is paid. Confluence is commonly used by big companies and it is quite alarming to hear news like this . The next article discusses more on the incident. Better read on to learn how you can avoid these unfortunate incidents. -Marie Soriano



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