Ransomware, Breach, and Other Attacks

August 6, 2019 / GuidesFor Team

There is no stopping these cybercriminals from causing damages to different businesses. Whether you are a small or starting business or a big and established one, you can be a victim. According to Cyber Security Ventures, in 2019, there will be a new organization that will become a victim of ransomware for every 14 seconds; this will become a victim for every 11 seconds by the year 2021. Imagine how fast and seemingly easy an organization can be a victim. Studies show that there has been a 97%  increase in ransomware attacks in the past two years. Ransomware is used to simply get money from businesses and individuals, but they have evolved; some are using it as a way to delete or remove some important data such as forensic evidence of a more complicated or serious breach.  Just keep reading. -Marie Soriano


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